Service price list

In accordance with the price changes on the labour market and the relationship between supply and demand, the TIM ZIP’s service price list has been updated, which comes into force on Oct 1, 2023.
The commitment to the quality of the provided service remains at the maximum level, as it has always been until now.

Km of driving in both directions 0,5 € / km
One hour of driving or traveling per person 30,00 € / sat
Technician 55,00 € / h
Technologist 65,00 € / h
Engineer 65,00 € / h
Expert 80,00 € / h
implies 10 hours of work
Technician 550,00 €
Technologist 650,00 €
Engineer 650,00 €
Expert 800,00 €
night work considers engagement from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am
Technician 110,00 € / h
Technologist 130,00 € / h
Engineer 130,00 € / h
Expert 160,00 € / h

The listed prices are without VAT.
Each customer is clearly informed in advance of the price per each service.
By confirming the requested service, the customer accepts and agrees with the price list.
The stated prices are subject to corrections based on further market changes.
It is possible to change the price list without prior notice, but with timely notification of the customers about changes made.

TIMZIP’s experts remain at your disposal for all future requests.
We look forward to successful cooperation and realization of many new joint projects!