Symposium Future of Bread and Bakery – scientific research and word of profession

TIM ZIP EXPO 2022 provided another unquestionably important source of knowledge and transfer of information necessary for defining the further direction of the profession’s development.

A two-day Symposium “The Future of Bread and Bakery” was held at the central position of the hall, better known as the Richemont Forum. The scientific-professional event was led by scientists and professors from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb.

The Swiss company RONDO presented itself as a sponsor of the Symposium, and in presenting the most current trends and technological achievements of today they were joined on stage by the managers of foreign exhibiting companies – BÜHLER GROUP, DIAMANT, DIOSNA, UNIFERM and VANDEMOORELE.

This laudable project highlighted how important and necessary it is to provide the real sector with an insight into the latest research, because businessmen are precisely the target group of practitioners who will best use this knowledge in everyday production.

The turn towards healthier and better-quality bread based on the use of natural starters and extended fermentation was the backbone of this meeting, and the Helvetia project launched by the International Richemont Club and the Richemont Centre of Excellence in Lucerne was also presented to the public. The Croatian Richemont Club and Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology joined research on the influence of sourdough on quality in the production of bread and bakery products, trying to provide a platform of useful information for the further course of the project and making the best possible conclusions.

A return to healthier production from the not-so-distant past is inevitable and is proving to be an imperative conditioned by an increasingly strong and widespread consumer awareness of the desired nutritional values of bread as the most commonly consumed food globally.

There was no shortage of interest in the Symposium, and it is to be expected that this gathering will yield visible results and contribute to raising the bar in the production of better-quality bread in the nearest future.


The list of presented topics and lecturers:

  1. Prof. Ph. D. Duška Ćurić: “Recent findings on sourdough and their impact on the bakery products“
  2. Prof. Ph. D. Nikolina Čukelj Mustač: „Traditional bakery products – how to prepare, maintain and use sourdough “
  3. Dr. Ivna Vrana Špoljarić:“ Influence of barley sourdough addition on the properties of wheat bread“
  4. Nika Mutak, M. Tech.: „Application of carob sourdough in bread production “
  5. Prof. Ph. D. Dubravka Novotni: „Tradition and innovation in Mediterranean flat bread – PRIMA FLAT BREAD MINE project overview “
  6. Matea Habuš, M.Tech. and doctoral student at PBF: „How to reduce the FODMAP content in bakery products “
  7. Prof. Marko Obranović: “Truth and misconceptions in the application of fats in baking and confectionery industry”
  8. Kristina Radoš, M.Tech. and doctoral student at PBF: “Trends in donuts production “
  9. Draženka Komes: „Natural sweeteners – functional sucrose alternatives “
  10. Danijela Šeremet, M.Tech. and doctoral student at PBF: „Encapsulated plant extracts – the functional ingredients of confectionery products “
  11. Dunja Molnar, M.Nutr. and doctoral student at PBF: „Application of edible films in biscuits production “

Presentation of companies and the most important innovations:

  1. RONDO Burgdorf AG – Alexander Weissbach, Head of Technology Services: “Automation in bakery”
  2. DIOSNA DIERKS & SOHNE GMBH – Ondrej Beran, Sales Manager: “Hygiene design of wendel kneaders and latest trends in kneading and predough area”
  3. UNIFERM GMBH & CO. KG – Rico Pförtner, Regional Export Manager: “The taste and smell of bread”
  4. DIAMANT AUSTRIA GmbH – Markus Kagerer, Managing Director and Hannah Foeger, Product Manager: “The latest trends in bakery”
  5. NV VANDEMOORTELE EUROPE – Pieter Verburgh, Export Manager: “European consumers’ criteria when choosing bakery products“
  6. BÜHLER GROUP- Thomas Künzli, Head of Sales for Europe: “Sustainability & CO2 Quantification”