HERKULES – automatic line for folding burek/pie

Launched for the first time! The only machine in the world of its kind!

An issue of the only operation in burek/pita production that couldn’t be done mechanically has recently been successfully solved. In cooperation with TIM ZIP, the esperts of INSANE SOLUTIONS have developed HERKULES – an automatic line for folding these traditional products.

HERKULES, as a revolutionary technical and technological replacement for previously unavoidable human hands, was developed to meet needs of large-scale production, in the necessity to maintain the traditional shape of the products, because of the unavailability of labour force, and in order to provide a more creative workspace for employees who perform monotonous tasks day after day.

HERKULES can replace 5 to 12 workers per shift, depending on the width of the burek/pita line and the size and shape of the product. The capacity depends on the dough, fat content, and characteristics of the final product, averaging around 250 kg per row per hour. A model with a capacity of 400 kg per row per hour is also under development.

Features of the line:

  • the line is available in variants of 1-4 rows of production,
  • the number of rows corresponds to the number of rows on the burek/pie line,
  • the length and weight of each cut piece are measured after the guillotine cut,
  • the obtained product has a traditional spiral or oval shape,
  • adjustments are made on a control panel jointly used for all rows,
  • an audible signal is triggered in case of deviations,
  • product disposal is done using conveyor belts or a penning unit,
  • there is a built-in internal washing system, and it can be washed with a water jet, the so-called WashDown system.

Of course, HERKULES can be installed behind the burek/pie production line of any manufacturer, not just behind the ELIN line offered by TIM ZIP.

For better understanding of the machine, please watch video https://youtu.be/PGwEoreClMM .