Three days in Istria

Beautiful landscapes and untouched nature, historic fortresses, legends, bows and arrows, e-bikes and buggies, lavender fields, olive groves, treasure and truffle hunts, and the rich gastronomic offerings of this magical region are just some of the key highlights of this year’s team building program in Istria designed for the employees of TIM ZIP.

The journey began at the Morosini-Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat, where the employees refreshed themselves with Istrian delicacies before the dynamic activities. After the gourmet introduction, forks and knives were replaced with buggy wheels. The off-road drive was accompanied by an adrenaline rush like in an action movie. This was followed by a ride on electric bikes, serving as a perfect warm-up for the treasure hunt. Both male and female participants equally enjoyed archery, testing the precision, focus, and patience of themselves as the archers, with each hit being triumphantly celebrated by both individuals and the team.

The sightseeing tour of picturesque Motovun with interpretive guides was experienced as a journey through a time machine. The highlight of Saturday’s daytime adventure was a truffle hunt in the mystical forest near the hilltop town. With the excellent work of the guides and the tracking dogs, the team managed to earn its lunch, followed by a true feast – frittata and fritters with truffles.

A particularly memorable experience was the “paint&wine” workshop, where true works of art were painted while tasting Istrian Malvasia wine. Whether a potential Picasso or not, this creative content brought an abundance of joy, fillings of surprise, and revealed talents.

On the last day, a true paradise on Earth was experienced. Brijuni National Park ideally embodied the space and atmosphere for meditative relaxation and enjoying the flora and fauna of this green beauty.

The Lokvarka Cave in Gorski Kotar was the last stop and, like the icing on the cake, rounded off the whole impression with the impressive scenes of its mighty underground.

This team building was much more than a join trip; the brushes in the hands may have calmed down, but the vivid, synergistically created cheerful colours strongly confirmed the quality of interpersonal relationships, collegiality and understanding, as well as the strength of unity that prevails in the company.