Expert seminar How the baker lives sourdough

In the world of bakery, it is important to add continuous impulses and refresh the offer with the intention of even better and higher quality products.

The professional seminar entitled “How the baker lives sourdough” emphasized the unquestionable quality of bread as an unavoidable maxim in everyday production. The seminar was organized by the Richemont Club Croatia and company TIM ZIP with the exceptional support of the Richemont Club Serbia.

On October 27, 2022 in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, Mr. Naser Idrizović, the vice-president of the Richemont Club Serbia, also an excellent craftsman and the owner of the bakery Denis from Mladenovac, imparted his knowledge and skills to the participants, and above all, his great love for sourdough. He was accompanied by his daughter Sara, and this duo pointed out that sourdough is their inspiration in life, and his family is an irreplaceable backbone and support. This most technologically demanding, but therefore also the most challenging type of baking, enabled the direct interaction of all participants to awaken curiosity and motivation. The desire to learn and change eating habits was evident.

The presented products, bread with hazelnuts, wholemeal bread with seeds and country bread represent an exciting story that includes the richness of taste and texture and the nutritional treasure of long-lasting fresh bread with respect for natural ingredients and processes, and the biggest secret of the recipe – time.

The program was completed by lectures on the topic “Traditional sourdough for bakers” performed by associate Professor Ph.D. Dubravka Novotni and “Sourdough as a natural improver for industrial bread production” by associate Professor Ph.D. Nikolina Čukelj Mustač from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb.

The great interest in the seminar organized by the Richemont Club Croatia was shown by 50 participants from 16 renowned companies.

The organizers are pleased with the extremely positive reactions, both to the organization and to the chosen topic. It is a pleasing fact that there is a great interest for the ingredient used by our ancestors, combined with the use of advanced technologies of nowadays.