The equipment installation in Oman is in progress

In the early May, TIM ZIP started with the equipment installation at the huge facility in the Sultanate of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula, near the capital city of Muscat. As reported earlier, the project for Salalah Mills is the largest in the history of TIM ZIP, ten times larger than the biggest project completed in a single phase. The production plant is located in a building with a gross area of 25,000 square meters, of which 18,000 square meters is intended for technological section, which is equivalent to almost three football fields. Once operational, it will produce 75 tons of par baked frozen products daily, operating in two shifts, on twelve highly automated production lines.

TIM ZIP’s employees have already successfully completed extensive work, like advising the investor on development direction, defining product groups and production technologies, and submitting the project design in terms of defining and positioning the production lines within the space. Suppliers have been contracted and their project tasks have been defined, and TIM ZIP has also managed all financial arrangements, bank guarantees, letters of credit, and other matters.

By mid-June, 106 containers of equipment have arrived at the Oman destination, with an additional 43 containers being expected. Equipment from 21 European manufacturers will be installed in the facility, and assembly is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The contract specifies also the development of the recipes and technological processes, together with training of the investor’s technical and technological staff in order to achieve high-quality products.